Star Wars heading to Blu-ray

A long time ago, in a press conference far, far away, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced that finally, fans of Star Wars would have another chance to give money to George Lucas. After years of reluctance, the entire Star Wars collection will be released sometime in September.

Amongst the bells and whistles of CES, with 3D technology casting a massive shadow and tablets everywhere you look, Darth Vader was still an impressive enough figure to warrant a full press announcement. The original movie may have been released over 30 years ago, but the force is still strong in the series, and the release on blu-ray has been eagerly anticipated.

The series will be released in three sets, including one set containing the original trilogy, one with the prequel trilogy, and the one set that will rule them all–a nine-disc set containing all six movies. Each trilogy set will run you $69.99, while the uber-set will cost $139.99.  An exact date for the release was not given, but pre-orders are being accepted now. No word on if or when the movies will be sold individually.

This marks the definitive Star Wars experience for fans. At least until the films are re-released in 3D at a rate of one a year, beginning in 2012.

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