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Stephen Lang gives into madness in Old Man’s first trailer

Between Don’t Breathe and the upcoming Avatar sequel, Stephen Lang is really cornering the market on intimidating older men. Appropriately enough, Lang is playing the title character in Old Man. Judging by the fact that he has chosen to live alone in the woods, we can reasonably assume that this old man doesn’t want to make any new friends. That’s why he’s so apprehensive when Joe enters his life. Joe, as played by Marc Senter, claims to be a hiker who got lost in the woods. However, the old man doesn’t trust strangers and he greets his visitor with a shotgun in the newly released trailer for the film.

OLD MAN | Official Trailer

We can probably rule out the idea that the two men will emotionally bond over a rousing cover of Neil Young’s Old Man. Instead, the titular old man remains suspicious of Joe from the start. That’s why he attempts to drug Joe and render him unconscious. But Joe could be hiding a few secrets of his own, and it may not be a coincidence that he appeared on the old man’s doorstep.

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Marc Senter and Stephen Lang in Old Man.

While it appears that Lang and Senter will get most of the screen time, there are at least two other characters in the film. Patch Darragh
is playing a Bible salesman, while Liana Wright-Mark will portray a woman named Genie. It’s unclear how those two characters will relate to the conflict between Joe and the old man. But we suspect that only one person will leave these woods alive.

Lucky McKee directed the film from a script by Joel Veach. Old Man will be simultaneously released in theaters, On Demand, and through digital outlets on October 14, 2022.

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