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James Wan will adapt horror novel Stinger for Peacock

Things are about to get hotter in Inferno, Texas. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director James Wan has signed on to adapt Robert McCammon’s novel Stinger as an original series for Peacock.

Stinger is a horror story with sci-fi elements that is set in a small town called Inferno. When the story begins, Inferno is already beset by a fading economy and lingering racial tensions between the residents. Their shared misery goes into overdrive when an alien spaceship crashes near the town. Shortly thereafter, another spaceship arrives with an alien who takes the name Stinger. He is on a mission to retrieve the other ship, and Stinger is absolutely ruthless and relentless in his goal. He also has the technology to level Inferno and destroy everyone in it.

However, the television project isn’t being called Stinger. Instead, it has a less audacious name: Teacup. According to THR, Teacup follows “a disparate group of people on a Texas ranch who must come together in the face of a mysterious threat.” It’s being envisioned as “a half-hour horror thriller” instead of a traditional one-hour drama.

Director James Wan at the Annabelle Comes Home premiere.

Horror is very much in Wan’s wheelhouse, since he is the co-creator of Saw and Insidious, and the creator of The Conjuring franchise. He has also directed Furious 7, Aquaman, and the upcoming sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Yellowstone scribe Ian McCulloch is slated to write Teacup and executive produce the show with Wan, McCammon, Michael Clear, and Rob Hackett. For the moment, there are no details about when Teacup may begin production.

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