Terminator Genisys will have sequels in 2017 and 2018

terminator genisys will sequels 2017 2018
The upcoming pseudo-reboot of the Terminator franchise, Terminator Genisys, already has a pair of sequels lined up.

Paramount Pictures announced this week that it earmarked two release dates for sequels to the 2015 film intended to reboot the franchise that began with James Cameron’s 1984 sci-fi action classic The Terminator. The first sequel — temporarily dubbed “Terminator 2” — will hit theaters May 19, 2017. The second sequel — dubbed “Terminator 3,” of course — will premiere just over a year later on June 29, 2018.

According to Coming Soon, unconfirmed reports suggest that the two sequels will film back-to-back after Terminator Genisys hits theaters.

Last month, Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that he had finished filming his role in Genisys. The actor who played the title role in the 1984 film will be playing yet another robotic, T-800 “Terminator” assassin, but one for which the human tissue layered over its metal skeleton has aged over time. Details regarding the plot of the film have been hard to come by, though popular speculation suggests that it will be a full reboot that makes use of the franchise’s time-travel themes.

Joining Schwarzenegger in the cast will be Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke as Sarah Conner and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes actor Jason Clarke as John Connor, as well as former Doctor Who star Matt Smith and Spartacus actor Jai Courtney.

The film is directed by Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) and hits theaters July 1, 2015.

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