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The Batman’s Paul Dano will write the Riddler’s origin comic

Director Matt Reeves used The Batman to introduce a version of the Riddler that we’ve never seen before. Unlike the character previously portrayed by Frank Gorshin, Jim Carrey, and Corey Michael Smith, Paul Dano’s Riddler is a truly menacing figure who is completely separate from his comic book counterpart. And now, Dano will get the explore the origin of his Riddler in the form of a comic.

On Twitter, Reeves announced that Dano will write Riddler: Year One, a six-issue miniseries that serves as a prequel for the events of The Batman.

Paul Dano's incredible journey with The Riddler isn't over yet… Unmask his new @DCComics comic book: "Riddler: Year One," this October and see @TheBatman #OnlyInTheaters now. #TheBatman #Riddler #DCComics

— Matt Reeves (@mattreevesLA) March 18, 2022

Artist Stevan Subic drew the teaser image above, and he will be the primary illustrator on the miniseries. According to DC Comics, the story will explore how a simple accountant like Edward Nashton found his inner monster and became a serial killer who is bent on targeting Gotham’s corrupt elite. It will also chronicle Edward’s childhood years and reveal why he has such a fascination with puzzles. And to better keep with the tone of the film, this miniseries will be published under DC Black Label, the mature readers imprint.

Dano is primarily an actor, but he did co-write the script (with his wife, Zoe Kazan) for his directorial debut Wildlife. He is also currently scripting a project that he plans to direct in the future.

As for Reeves, the director is already planning the future of The Batman. Warner Bros. has yet to greenlight a sequel, but the film’s box office success suggests that it will eventually happen. In the meantime, Reeves is executive producing a Penguin spinoff on HBO Max, with Colin Farrell set to reprise his role from the film. Reeves is also developing a second spinoff for HBO Max, which will take place in Gotham’s infamous Arkham Asylum.

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