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The Boys get animated, and more twisted, in Diabolical trailer

After skipping 2021, The Boys season 3 will premiere on Amazon Prime on June 3. But if you can’t wait until this summer, the creators behind the series have a treat for you next month. The Boys: Diabolical is an anthology of animated shorts set in the world of The Boys. And if the new trailer is any indication, the alternative medium has allowed Diabolical to go even farther than the live-action series.

There are a few familiar faces in the trailer, including the leader of the Boys, Billy Butcher, and his most-hated super adversary, Homelander. But the big takeaway is that the problems in this anthology are caused by people who want superhuman powers of their own. Taking a dose of Compound V can be life-changing, and not in a good way. One guy wants to be Homelander so badly that he seemingly gets his wish. Somehow, we suspect the real Homelander will make sure that’s a fatal mistake.

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The Boys Presents: Diabolical - Trailer | Prime Video

Garth Ennis co-created The Boys comic book series, and he will be one of the contributing writers for the series of Diabolical shorts. The rest of the creative team includes The Boys executive producer Seth Rogen, Andy Samberg, Eliot Glazer, Aisha Tyler, and Awkwafina.

Billy Butcher in The Boys: Diabolical.

Glazer,  Tyler, and Awkwafina are also contributing their voices to the show alongside a cast that includes Antony Starr, Giancarlo Esposito, Michael Cera, Don Cheadle, Chace Crawford, Kieran Culkin, Jason Isaacs, Kumail Nanjiani, Justin Roiland, Rogen, Samberg, Ben Schwartz, Elisabeth Shue, Christian Slater, Kevin Smith, Nasim Pedrad, Simon Pegg, Kenan Thompson, and Youn Yuh Jung.

Every episode of The Boys: Diabolical will premiere on March 4 on Amazon Prime Video.

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