Transformers: Age Of Extinction concept art offers a peak at the evolution of the Dinobots

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Transformers: Age Of Extinction has already broken box-office records for the year, and a big part of the film’s success is the much-anticipated debut of the Dinobots in director Michael Bay’s cinematic Transformers universe.

As with any high-profile characters, the Dinobots’ road to the big screen was paved with various conceptual designs, tweaks, and visual iterations before Grimlock, Slug, and the rest of the dinosaur-themed ‘bots could make their grand debut.

Over on Facebook, artist Wesley Burt has posted some of his early designs for the Dinobots from his time working on Age Of Extinction. While the art doesn’t depict any extreme changes to their design, it does offer a nice peek behind the scenes at the characters’ evolution and the process that brought them to life in the film. Among some of the notable aspects of Burt’s image gallery are various shots of the Dinobots utilizing different color schemes, as well as visualizations of the characters in both their robot and dinosaur forms side by side.

The gallery also offers an interesting look at some of the storyboards for memorable sequences from the film (as seen in above), as well as some of the early facial designs for a few non-Dinobot characters.

You can check out a few examples below, and see the full gallery on Facebook: