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Vin Diesel continues to tease potential role in Marvel’s Inhumans movie

vin diesel continues tease potential role marvels inhumans movie
Vin Diesel already has a celebrated place in Marvel’s cinematic universe thanks to his role as the voice of sentient tree Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the Fast & Furious actor may have another — possibly on-screen — role in the works if some recent hints he dropped pan out.

Back in August, Diesel teased a potential connection to the upcoming Inhumans movie that’s scheduled to hit theaters in 2018, and now the actor is being a bit more overt with his suggestions that a role in the film could be in the works. Known for teasing his upcoming roles, Diesel posted an image to Facebook of himself wearing a shirt featuring the Inhumans movie logo, standing in front of text asking “Are You Inhuman?”

While the “Are You Inhuman?” tagline comes from a Marvel Comics miniseries,  the logo on his shirt is the same one that debuted when Marvel Studios announced the Inhumans film.

The Inhumans were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and made their debut in a 1965 issue of Fantastic Four. The rulers of a civilization that willingly subjects themselves to powerful mutating agents in order to gain superhuman abilities, The Inhumans are led by the noble Black Bolt — a role many are speculating Diesel is up for — whose voice is capable of unleashing a powerful, destructive energy.

Given that his Guardians of the Galaxy role only required Diesel’s voice and the role of Black Bolt would require him to maintain silence for much of the film, there’s certainly some reason to believe this dual-role scenario could work out.

The Inhumans is scheduled to hit theaters November 2, 2018.

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