Watch all six episodes of Judge Dredd: Superfiend

watch six episodes judge dredd superfiend

After debuting the trailer for his animated, “bootleg” Judge Dredd webseries last week, Dredd producer Adi Shankar released all six episodes of Judge Dredd: Superfiend this week — and the series is just as edgy as the preview suggested.

The series, which unfolds over six episodes posted on Shankar’s official YouTube channel, is definitely NSFW — much like the live-action Dredd movie — and tells an origin story of sorts for one of Judge Dredd’s most famous adversaries: the twisted former Judge known as Judge Death.

“This ‘Bootleg Universe’ mini-series was made in the tradition of Saturday morning cartoons based on our favorite sci-fi comic book characters,” explains Shankar in a description of the series that accompanies the video. “The look was inspired by ’90s MTV, Ren & Stimpy, with a dash of ReBoot juxtaposed with the trademark violence found in everything I have done. Enjoy. This was made as a thank you to you the fans for supporting Dredd and making it a cult hit.”

The unofficial spinoff series is the latest project in Shankar’s “Bootleg Universe,” an unconnected batch of short films and independent projects based on popular comic book characters. Previous installments have included Punisher: Dirty Laundry (featuring Thomas Jane as The Punisher) and Venom: Truth in Journalism (with Ryan Kwanten as Eddie Brock).

You can watch an introduction to the series and the first episode below, and then head over to Shankar’s YouTube channel for the rest of Judge Dredd: Superfiend playlist.