Watch the trailer for the Heavenly Sword movie

watch trailer heavenly sword movie

It’s been almost seven years since Heavenly Sword was released for the PlayStation 3 and introduced gamers to its memorable heroine, Nariko, and the powerful sword that forced her to embark on a grand adventure. While the rumored sequels to Ninja Theory’s well-received game never materialized, the long-awaited, animated feature will finally hit shelves — and the PlayStation Network — later this year, with the first trailer for the film debuting online this week.

The first trailer for Heavenly Sword debuted at IGN, where it was also announced that the film will be available in September on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as PSN. Actress Anna Torv (Fringe) will reprise her role as the voice (and physical model) for Nariko, with Spider-Man 2 actor Alfred Molina voicing the film’s villain, the savage King Bohan. The role of King Bohan was previously voiced by actor Andy Serkis, who also served as the 2007 game’s Dramatic Director and co-writer of the game’s story. Actor Thomas Jane (The Punisher) voices Loki in the film.

The original game followed Nariko on a quest to deliver the legendary “Heavenly Sword” — a weapon of immense power — to its destined owner in order to turn back the tide of war led by the tyrannical King Bohan. Along the way, Nariko must learn to use the sword herself in order to keep it out of the hands of Bohan and his generals, even though she knows the sword is cursed to take a deadly toll on any mortal who wields it.

Heavenly Sword will be available September 2.