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Derek Zoolander and Hansel provide hilarious political fashion commentary on SNL

Derek Zoolander & Hansel (Weekend Update) - SNL
Now that the Iowa “couscous” has taken place, the most recent SNL “Weekend Update” had two brilliant experts on hand to discuss fashion in the 2016 presidential election: Derek Zoolander and Hansel. The fictional male models, played by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, respectively, weighed in on the sartorial choices of candidates like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and, of course, Donald Trump.

Stiller and Wilson’s Saturday Night Live appearance came just days before Zoolander No. 2 hits theaters and gave the actors a chance to promote their movie in character yet again. Even though the obvious topic for the segment would have been Fashion Week, Hansel told co-host Colin Jost that they’d rather discuss “the one thing everyone wants to hear male models talk about: politics.” Well, fashion in politics. (So hot right now.)

The duo was as informed as fans of the original comedy would expect them to be. They confused Cruz with Tom Cruise and were appalled by how “he has totally let himself go.” Nonetheless, it was a prime opportunity for puns using films the actor has starred in, and the models made some great ones. “This is a real Mission: Impossible for his stylist,” quipped Derek. “Makes me want to keep my Eyes Wide Shut,” added Hansel.

There were candidates who managed to score some praise from the picky experts, though. Derek praised Clinton, saying that her style reminds him of one of his “all-time fashion icons,” none other than Kim Jong-un. They also spoke highly of Trump and talked about some of their favorites from among the mogul’s looks: Orange Mocha Crapaccino, Hot Mess, and, after Iowa, Second Place.

As exciting as it is that the Zoolander sequel is finally almost here, we’re going to miss the creative promotional stunts. Zoolander No. 2 opens on February 12.

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