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Slide that ring finger to our best wedding dance songs

Whether you are the one who just tied the knot, or simply a friend or family member looking to throw a fantastic party in a happy couple’s honor, music is perhaps the most essential part of any wedding reception.

However, in a world filled with somewhat inappropriate dance-hall hits — songs like F*** YouWe Are Never Getting Back Together, and Gold Digger — it can be hard to curate an entirely love-based playlist to dance the night away without putting a damper on the recent nuptials.

That’s where we come in. We’ve assembled playlist of wedding-appropriate songs that’s nearly three hours in length, perfect for the love-laced, party-pumping evening that lies ahead. As usual, feel free to check our our other rad playlists, and subscribe to our Spotify channel for many more tunes across multiple genres.

For now, it’s time to strap on your dancing shoes, press play, and prepare to have some fun. After all, that’s what weddings are all about!

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