Cold Control: Coldplay’s new video will let viewers change the plot on-the-go

Ever watched a music video and in the middle of viewing thought “I could’ve made this a better story”? Coldplay is allowing fans to fulfill their inner directorial desires with a new interactive music video for the song “Ink.” The visually stunning video allows viewers to dictate the plot by clicking on certain aspects as the story unfolds.

Created by LA agency Interlude Media, the video from Coldplay’s latest album, Ghost Stories , centers on a man searching for his lost love. There are over 200 possible outcomes viewers can create, ranging from simply choosing left or right in a fork in the road, to clicking on a beer bottle to make the character continue to drown his sorrows, and a plethora of other possibilities. The release of the video coincides with Coldplay’s November 24th release of their Ghost Stories live album, which features “Ink” and nine other music videos accompanying a CD full of live renditions of Ghost Stories songs.

Coldplay is the latest in the recent trend of interactive technology for music videos. Arcade Fire and Bob Dylan each released interactive music videos last year for their songs “Reflektor” and “Like A Rolling Stone”, respectively. Viacom started an awards ceremony, O Music Awards, in 2011 to celebrate music and technology’s synergetic relationship. Last year, Linkin Park’s “Lost In The Echo” music video won the O Music Award for “Best Interactive Video”.

If you’d like to play along, you can check out Coldplay’s music video for “Ink” here.