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Walnut, carbon and aluminum alloy dress up Denon’s trio of new 2015 headphones

Denon has unveiled three new members to add to the company’s colorfully named Music Maniac headphone line-up, including the AH-MM400, the AH-MM300, and the AH-MM200. All three new models are slated for release sometime in January.

AH-MM400 ($400)

The AH-MM400 over-ear headphones represent the cream of the new crop, with a premium price to match. For their hefty price tag, the MM400 offer Denon’s proprietary 40mm drivers comprised of a Carbon/Paper composite blend for low distortion, and housed in sleek American Walnut ear cups designed to offer a “natural tone.” The ear cups are balanced on aluminum alloy arms that fold-in for portability. Additional features include a carrying pouch, dual removable cables including one with an inline mic and control piece, and a quarter-inch adaptor.

AH-MM300 ($300)

Moving down a step buys you Denon’s new on-ear model, which also offers 40mm Carbon/Paper drivers though in a glass-fiber housing shaped into an “ellipsoid” design. Like their pricier sibling, the MM300 also fold down for easy storage, and come with their own carrying pouch, dual removable cables with an inline mic and control piece, and a quarter-inch adaptor.

AH-MM200 ($200)

The final piece to the new Music Maniac puzzle, the MM200 on-ear headphones are of similar design to the MM300, offering glass-fiber housings in the ellipsoid style, and the same folding aluminum alloy arms as the rest of the new models. Even the cheapest of the trio offer a carrying case and dual removable cables, though no quarter-inch adaptor is mentioned. The MM200 also trade the 40mm Carbon/Paper drivers for 30mm “Triple Layered Diaphragm” drivers, likely losing some bass response, and a bit of performance in the process.

All of Denon’s new headphones should become available soon and we hope to get some ears-on time with them at CES in Las Vegas next week. Be sure and check back for our extensive coverage of the show.

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