Macy Gray also sings to her vibrator

Macy Gray’s new song, B.O.B., is dedicated to the object of her affection — and when we say “object,” we really mean it. The song is an ode to none other than her vibrator, whom she calls Bob because he’s her “Battery-Operated Better.”

B.O.B. is catchy, clever, and unapologetic. There’s no question of who (or rather what) exactly the song is about as Gray literally sings Bob’s praises. According to Gray, he’s “the greatest.” Not only does he know “just where it’s at,” he’s “better ‘cuz he’s never complicated.” On top of that, Gray adds, “He’s always the same, he never complains when I want another.”

As if the song weren’t clear enough, the hilarious music video shows very friendly-looking cartoon vibrators dancing around a bedroom and bathroom. A cartoon version of Gray also makes an appearance toward the end of the music video, but it’s really Bob and his colorful friends who steal the show. There’s just something about watching such jolly-looking, animated vibrators dance. Who knew sex toys could be so adorable?

B.O.B. certainly isn’t the first song about self-love, but it may be the most charming. The song and the music video are unexpectedly playful, and will definitely have listeners humming along. Thanks to Gray, vibrators now have a new anthem.

Gray’s biggest single to date is I Try from her 1999 album, On How Life Is, which peaked at number five on the U.S. charts but reached number one in Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Most recently, Gray released The Way in October 2014, and she’s currently working on its follow-up. Having heard B.O.B., we look forward to a lot of creative fun on the album.