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Paul McCartney and Beck get barred from Tyga's Grammy after-party

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It’s been a long time since Paul McCartney was turned away from a party. But that’s exactly what happened this year at the Grammys after party of Tyga, the rapper.

Famed musicians Paul McCartney, Beck, and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins were all turned away at the door from the 26-year-old rapper’s soirée. In a series of events caught on camera by TMZ, the trio can be seen attempting to get into a party at the Argyle in Hollywood, only to be told they were not allowed inside.

McCartney appears to be mentioning Mark Ronson’s name repeatedly to the bouncer before asking loudly, “How VIP do we gotta get?” The famed Beatles frontman then jokingly adds, “We need another hit,” turning to Beck and Hawkins to add, “Work on it!”

However baffling it is that a bouncer in Hollywood wouldn’t recognize Paul McCartney, or the winner of last year’s Grammy for Album of The Year — let alone the recognizable drummer for one of the world’s top rock groups — the three took it in stride, returning to their black SUV to head to another party.

Tyga noted in an interview later that evening that McCartney was, “A legend,” but didn’t seem very phased by the fact that he wasn’t let into his party.

Rapper Bow Wow, who was also in attendance at the party, seemed a little more shocked, saying, “’Wait. The Paul McCartney came to Argyle… and they wouldn’t let him in? You’ve got to be lying.”

McCartney will likely not be associating with Tyga any time soon — the knighted architect of pop isn’t used to barriers — but that’s ok. As usual, he’s got some big things in the works, including headlining a couple of European music festivals this summer.

And some good may come of this snafu yet; Many fans are hoping that a McCartney/Beck/Hawkins album might actually become a reality.

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