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Prince joins Instagram, instantly proves he’s got a sense of humor

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Brace yourselves, world, Instagram just got it’s best-named celebrity account yet from Prince himself: Say hello to Princetagram.

The 57-year-old pop sensation finally joined the online image sharing app over the weekend, picking the name as the subtitle for his account, which uses the simple @prince follow tag. Then he (or his team) started posting photos. The account has added almost a hundred of them in three days.

Most of his material was clipped from already-shot press and record images, but the musician did have a couple quirky posts that make a scroll through the account worth it. Among them is this photo from Dave Chappelle’s infamous sketch based on a supposedly real encounter at Prince’s house by Charlie Murphy, with the added caption “This bores me.”

Other Princetagram highlights include a vertical video of his computer wallpaper — for which he, of course, uses a photo of himself — and many, many, blue-steel-esq head shots.


A photo posted by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) on

As of this morning, the purple one had added 88 photos and racked up almost 60 thousand followers on the service. That’s a pretty quick uptick for a man who has a well-documented love/hate relationship with the Internet and the people who use it.

In 2010 the singer/songwriter famously declared that the Internet was “completely over,” and has made a habit of suing anyone who puts his music up online in any form. Last year Prince also deleted both his Twitter and Facebook accounts — but not before hosting a Facebook Q&A in which he only answered a single question in over three hours.

Then again, even pop superstars are allowed to change their mind about the Internet, and Princetagram may be just the latest evidence of that; Prince recently released his latest album HITNRUN Phase One exclusively on Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal, and he has nearly 100 thousand followers on a now-reestablished Twitter account (@Prince3EG).

We’re still waiting on some Purple Rain-themed cat memes, but this is a pretty good start.

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