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Prince's iconic shirt, jacket from "Purple Rain' up for auction on eBay this weekend

prince purple rain shirt and jacket to be auctioned on ebay in memoriam 0015
If there’s one thing that Prince was known for beyond his classic singles, it was his out-there sense of style. Now, fans can own a piece of it.

A group of blood relatives and others continue to wage a legal war over the vast majority of Prince’s estate, the iconic frilly shirt and motorcycle jacket donned by the late pop star in his famed Purple Rain film will be put up for auction this weekend.

The items will go up for sale on eBay starting July 1, with initial prices of $3,000 for the shirt and $6,000 for the jacket. There’s no word on how high auctioneers expect the bids to go for the indelible clothing, but it’s hard to imagine that a huge fan of the Purple One wouldn’t be willing to throw some pretty big bucks at the stuff. After all, Purple Rain is not only one of the singer’s most famous songs of all time, it’s one of the greatest music films of all time.

Bidders will have plenty of frecognizable props and memorabilia to pick through this weekend: Prince’s duds join 1,700 other items being put up for sale as part of Hollywood Auction 83. Things of particular interest and value include an original Star Wars script from 1975, James Cameron’s monster sketches from Aliens, Christopher Reeve’s cape from Superman 3, and Steven Spielberg’s director’s chair from Back To The Future.

And though the Purple Rain props will probably be among the most actively bid over, the high-seller of the event will likely be a model of an X-Wing from the original Star Wars, which has a starting bid of $150,000.

The auctions for all the famed memorabilia will close on July 3. More information about the sale can be found on the special eBay website.

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