Drones, self-balancing unicycles, and umbrellas amaze in OK Go’s latest video

If you’ve spent enough time rambling around on the Internet, you’ve probably come across viral video sensation OK Go. While they’ve had several successes, they’re perhaps best known as “those treadmill guys” due to their first video layered with a menagerie of dance moves on moving treadmills. But that all may change thanks to their latest video for the single “I Won’t Let you Down,” which uses self-balancing unicycles, and incredible cinematography to create what might be their most impressive effort yet.

Reportedly shot in Japan, the video shows the band riding in perfect symmetry atop Honda’s auto-balancing Uni-cub unicycles, which are essentially Segways designed for extremely lazy office workers.

However, in true OK Go fashion, the band shows its prowess for turning the marginally mundane into the visually spectacular, rolling around in a single-shot that spills out from a dance hall/warehouse into the open, at which point we the viewer realize we are riding on a drone (also reportedly created by Honda) sailing high above a marching band-style choreography fireworks show.

We’re not convinced there isn’t some animation at play for the final climax, which shows a stunning display of coordination that begins to look more like LEDs blinking as the dancers spell out the band name and the song’s title like a human news ticker. Still, animated or otherwise, OK Go has created an astonishing piece of entertainment here, proving once again that they are the kings of viral video.

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