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Rolling Stones under 24-hour armed guard after contractor shot dead

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Rock and Roll legends The Rolling Stones are now surrounded by an armed guard 24 hours a day after a 55-year-old contract worker was shot and killed during their current South American tour.

The incident happened following the group’s stadium show at La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when three cars attempted to hijack a van which contained cash from the venue’s alcohol sales.

Following the shooting, the group’s security has been tightened, with each member of the band set to travel separately in the company of armed bodyguards. With so much added security — and the fact that gangsters were only after cash as opposed to the world-famous band members themselves — there is likely little to worry about in terms of the artists’ safety.

“Of course these things are all considered well in advance of a tour, and massive bands like The Rolling Stones are well aware of the risks posed by these places — so they take no chances,” said a source to The Daily Mirror. “Wealthy personalities are always potential targets, but the band are kept safe and secure at all times by the best security personnel on the planet.”

The band will continue their tour in South America with the added security, and are currently scheduled to perform in Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, and Columbia. South American tours are nothing new for the Stones, who have been touring for over 50 years and played a show to 1.5 million people on a beach in Rio in 2006.

After the tour, the band will likely return to the studio, as members Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards have both indicated that the rock legends intend to craft another album this year. The Stones haven’t put forward a studio record since 2005’s A Bigger Bang.

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