Sol Republic’s Punk promises powerful sound in the palm of your hand

sol republic punk powerful portable speaker family
Last year, headphone maker Sol Republic teamed up with Motorola to create a funky new Bluetooth speaker, the Deck, which offered just enough originality and power to peak its head above the glut of available devices in the genre. Today, Sol announced a rugged new speaker in its lineup designed to go anywhere you do and fit in the palm of your hand, curiously christened: Punk.

As its name would suggest, the Punk is designed to be little and loud, promising enough power to be heard “over the sound of crashing waves.” With a durable exterior shell that’s water, dust, and shock resistant, the speaker is certainly built for the beach, or just about anywhere else you might choose to take it.

Although there are a seemingly infinite number of portable speakers vying for your attention, the Punk offers a few other interesting features to set it apart from the pack. Like the Deck, the Punk offers an extended Bluetooth range, claiming to hold a connection to your device for up to 60 feet — nearly twice the usual 33-foot Bluetooth barrier. It also sports an output port, allowing you to utilize it as a wireless adapter for your home stereo, or even a car stereo deck.

Other features include a 3.5mm Aux input, a respectable 8-hour battery life, and a choice of 7 available colors. But perhaps the most enticing feature the Punk has to offer is its price tag: At $70, the speaker is enticingly affordable — especially if it can live up to all its claims.

We haven’t had a chance to go ears on with the Punk yet, and we don’t expect it to blow us away with the sort of detail or nuance we look for in more expensive speakers. But at its extremely approachable price point, it might just make for the perfect companion to throw in a bag and take your tunes along for the ride.

If you feel lucky (well, do ya?) about the Punk, you can find it at Sol Republic’s website, and select retail locations today.

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