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When is Prime Day 2024? Amazon announces the official dates

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It’s official! Amazon Prime Day 2024 will be on July 16 and 17. Amazon confirmed the dates for the massive shopping holiday earlier today. The announcement was accompanied by a Megan Thee Stallion music video (for her on-the-nose song “It’s Prime Day”) and a few early Prime Day deals.

Amazon confirmed a few weeks ago that the event would be in July, but this announcement is the first we’ve heard of the final dates. July 16 and 17, a Tuesday and Wednesday, are in line with the last several Prime Days, which have taken place in late June or early July since 2021. Before that it was in October, but Amazon likely moved it so as to not overwhelm shoppers with sales so close to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Prime Day 2024 will see deals on every product you can imagine. We’ve collected some advice for Prime Day shopping, including what you should expect for Prime Day laptop deals, Prime Day TV deals and Prime Day headphone deals. The sales will likely start the weekend before, even if they don’t get the official “Prime Day” label until that Tuesday. Keep an eye on our coverage for picks of the best deals as they come out.

You don’t need to be an Amazon Prime member to get all of the deals, but there will be membership exclusive offers. The cheapest membership option is $15, and you’ll likely get your money back with the first deal you buy. If you haven’t had a Prime membership yet, you could time an Amazon Prime free trial to overlap with Prime Day. The trial is 30 days long, so if you grab that subscription now you will still have it during the event.

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Walmart knocks down prices on Dyson handheld vacuums in post-Prime Day sale
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Post-Prime Day sales often include amazing deals when sellers clear out extra inventory after the sales event. Walmart knocked down the prices on two versions of Dyson's V6 Trigger handheld vacuum and, while they're both excellent buys, one of the deals is superior to the other. Walmart also dropped the prices for two supurb Dyson multi-floor vacuums.

Dyson V6 handheld cordless vacuums get up to 20 minutes of suction time per charge - the duration depends on the accessories used and how tough the dirt and debris are to remove. When Dyson introduces a new vacuum model, the company packages various combinations of accessories at different price points. The included accessories determine which is the better of the two deals below. Walmart has both models on sale for the same price, but there's a significant difference in the accessories included. If you're looking for a powerful handheld cordless vacuum for your house, car, or boat, these two deals can help you save up to $80.
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Amazon stokes Prime Day fires with $30 off year of Audible plus $1 Echo Dot
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Amazon reported Prime Day was bigger than ever, exceeding the combined sales of last year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Despite Prime Day's blazing success, we'd never expect Amazon to sit back to let the embers cool, and they didn't disappoint. Amazon just threw more fuel on the retail fires with a hot deal on an annual Audible audiobook membership

Here's how the limited-time Audible Annual Membership deal works: Sign up for a one-year membership for $119.50, $30 less than the usual $149.50 cost. In addition to the 20% savings on the annual membership, you can pick 12 audiobooks right from the start. As part of this deal, you will also receive credit from Amazon to purchase a third-generation Echo Dot smart speaker for only $0.99. At the end of the first membership year, you will be billed $149.50 annually to continue your membership unless or until you cancel.

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Walmart extends Prime Day hot deals on Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell, and Bose
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Walmart isn't ready for Prime Day deals to end and has extended The Big Save sales event beyond the originally announced July 17 end date. Amazon racked up record sales during Prime Day and by all reports so did other retailers, including Walmart. So why stop? We found great extended deals on products from Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell, and Bose to highlight before the deals go away.

Walmart and Google Nest continue their great deals on smart home devices and Walmart's post-Prime Day deals on 4K TVs continue to astound us. We've found the best discounts on smartwatches, laptops, tablets, and earbud headphones from Walmart to make them easier to find. Whether you're buying gifts, back-to-school gear, or looking to update your tech, these five deals can help you save up to $130.
Apple Watch Series 3 GPS - 38mm - Sport Band - Aluminum Case
-- $80 off

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