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Preview Animal Crossing: New Horizon in Pocket Camp’s crossover event

Players can get a preview of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with a new crossover event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that’s tied to the Switch exclusive. In the crossover, users of the free-to-play mobile game can experience a lighter version of Tom Nook’s upcoming deserted island getaway package until the limited-time event ends on April 2. Players can visit an island-like setting, compete in a fishing tournament, and unlock various log-in bonuses tied to the upcoming console release.

There are two log-in bonuses for Pocket Camp players to enjoy. The first is “On To New Horizons,” and it will only be available until March 20, when New Horizons comes out. The other bonus lasts through April 12 and allows players to claim 20 leaf tickets.

The Nook Inc. representatives have arrived! Timmy, Tommy, and Tom Nook are ready to treat you to a sneak peek at the Deserted Island Getaway Package here in Pocket Camp!

— Pocket_camp (@Pocket_Camp) March 12, 2020

Fishing is a big part of island life, and that’s no different in the Pocket Camp collaboration. Not only can players take part in a fishing tourney called Island Excursion, but they can also buy a Fishing Tourney Support Pack in the store. Both the tourney itself and the support pack are only available through March 19, although the trophy players can earn from Island Excursion will be available until March 20.

That’s not all that Tom Nook has to offer players, though. His nephews Timmy and Tommy, who are both heavily featured in New Horizons, will help players unlock two pieces of special furniture, the Timmy’s Nook Inc. and Tommy’s Nook Inc. banners. As a bonus, both Timmy and Tommy will wear Hawaiian shirts when hanging out around the player’s campsite, to fit in with the new island theme of New Horizons. These bonuses are available the longest of all the tie-in features and will be present until May 11.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp originally released on iOS and Android in November 2017. The mobile game allows players to perform tasks to increase their relationship with other villagers and live on a campsite rather than a town. New Horizons will be the first mainline entry in the popular life simulation series since 2012’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS and, as mentioned previously, will see players living on a deserted island.

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