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The Netatmo home security system protects with a smart camera, sirens, and sensors

Netatmo, the smart home company responsible for products like the Healthy Home Coach and Smart Home Bot, has announced a complete smart home security system that combines three different smart home products into a single smart home security system.

The main component of the system is the Netatmo smart home camera. It works alongside a 100-decibel siren and smart door and window sensors to provide coverage of every entry point into the home. According to Netatmo, the smart home camera uses facial-recognition software to recognize when you come home or when you leave and will then either arm or disarm the system automatically.

The smart door and window sensors detect vibrations and can alert you if someone tries to force open a door or window. While any vibrations will send a push notification to your phone, if a door actually opens and the camera doesn’t recognize the person, the siren will trigger automatically. You can also trigger the siren remotely and use custom sounds (like a dog barking or music playing) to simulate the presence of someone in the home.

Netatmo provides local storage and allows users to upload any video footage to their personal Dropbox or FTP servers. The company does not charge subscription costs to record footage. All you need is an SD card to store footage locally if you do not have a Dropbox account or an FTP server.

The free storage and lack of subscription fees might appeal to the consumer on a budget, but Netatmo did not announce a price for the complete package. On their own, the components can become quite expensive. The smart home camera retails for around $200, while the indoor siren is roughly $70 and the pack of door and window sensors is $90. All told, the system costs as much, if not more, than a security system with more features and third-party monitoring.

Netatmo is known for a number of innovative smart home products. According to its website, Netatmo plans to add a smart doorbell to the lineup in the near future. Customers interested in further expanding their security can also add smart outdoor lights to shed some light on their yards.

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