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Wild new food robot prints, grills, and serves plant-based burgers on demand

There are companies out there that are building smart robotic solutions for grilling hamburgers. There are companies that are trying to figure out how to 3D print food. And there are ones, like Impossible, that are seeking to replace the need for meat with convincing plant-based alternatives that still taste like the real thing. Israeli foodie startup SavorEat is hoping to do all three at once.

The company claims that it is set to disrupt the food supply chain with an automated robotic that can print a plant-based burger and cook it up for you to your unique requirements within just six minutes. That’s barely enough time to chop up and fry some onions, slice open a bun, and find the mustard and ketchup.

“SavorEat develops a new generation of meat alternative products which recreate the unique experience, taste and texture of meat in a convenient way and without a single animal in sight,” the company claims on its website. “Our product is a combination of proprietary 3D printing technology, automatic cooking machine, and unique plant-based ingredients that allow the creation of a variety of textures and designs that characterize meat.”

SavorEats burger

According to SavorEat, its smart solution has a “number of” benefits over traditional manufacturing processes. These include the ability to both print and cook its 3D-printed foodstuffs at the same time, along with opportunities to “personalize the dish” according to requirements. “SavorEat’s unique technology allows for you, the [consumer], to enjoy a ready to eat personalized meal at the click of a button,” it suggests.

A report in FoodNavigator claims that SavorEat has teamed up with a burger chain in Israel, Burgus Burger Bar, and aims to have a trial facility set up within the next year.

As noted, SavorEat is far from the only company working in this space. There’s plenty of competition to reinvent the way food is sourced and prepared, using some incredibly advanced technology. It’s not just meat, either. Other companies are doing everything from plant-based seafood to new types of farming solutions based around robot farmers. Which of these will ultimately win over customers? That remains to be seen. But given the importance of this area, and the ultimate benefit to consumers, it’s a race we’re very excited to see progress.

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