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Watch this daredevil cyclist perform epic stunts on a ‘wee day out’ in Scotland

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out
Try any of the bike tricks Danny MacAskill performs in his latest video and you’ll probably end up having to have part of your bicycle surgically removed from a newly created orifice.

The Scottish stuntman has built up a serious following on YouTube over the last seven years, his incredible daredevil maneuvers wowing audiences around the world.

His latest effort, called Wee Day Out, is yet another breathtaking showcase of the man’s skills as we follow him on a leisurely, though absurdly dangerous, two-wheel jaunt through the beautiful Scottish countryside.

The Red Bull production team behind the slickly produced video rightly says that many of Danny’s tricks “would normally be assumed impossible on a mountain bike.”

In fact, how does he manage to land on a single rail of a train track, move along on a rolling bale of hay, and cycle over a cottage? All without injuring himself.

Actually, as we see from the equally fascinating behind-the-scenes footage at the end of the main production, the 30-year-old pro mountain bike athlete does injure himself during the shoot. Or at least, he picks up a few bruises along the way.

Despite his incredible skills, a few of the stunts took a little longer than anticipated to crack. For example, according to Danny’s Facebook page, the trick (at 1:42) where he slides along a fallen tree trunk took 300 goes before he nailed it. You can see some of the out-takes for that particular stunt at the 5:15 mark.

Delighted by the feedback he’s been getting about his latest film, Danny wrote earlier this week, “Wow! Blown away by the response to our new video Wee Day Out! All the positive feedback makes all that time spent hanging out in the middle of nowhere stressing over some silly trick getting eaten alive by midges seem worth it!”

It’s entertaining stuff, though if you fancy trying out a few of the tricks yourself, be sure to call an ambulance before you start.