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Black Diamond climbing ropes versatile enough for gym, crag, or mountain

This year renowned outdoor gear company Black Diamond returns to the roots of its trade, introducing a set of four dynamic climbing ropes. The company’s new collection boasts an encompassing assortment of lengths, diameters, and colors, while maintaining complete simplicity by foregoing names and vivid patterns.

Black Diamond’s climbing ropes include two 7.8 ropes in orange and purple color choices, designed to be used as twin ropes or for glacial travel. They are available in 30m and 70m lengths in a “FullDry” version only. This version provides all-weather resistance including a dry-treated inner rope core and sheath in addition to an outer Endurance sheath with 1X1 weave, which exhibits excellent abrasion protection.

The 9.2 FullDry 70m rope is designed to be as light and weather resistant as possible without sacrificing durability. It serves as the epitome of sport climbing and is available in green, with the non-dry version is offered in yellow. Both are constructed with Black Diamond’s trademark outer Endurance sheath, making for smooth, easy handling. There is also a yellow 80m length available in non-dry only.

Black Diamond offers a range of options in the 9.6 range, including both 60m and 70m lengths in FullDry and non-dry versions. The FullDry ropes are available in green and the non-dry ropes are in red.

The 9.9 is the hardiest of the new collection, designed primarily for all-day cragging or gym climbing. All options come only in the color blue and vary in lengths, including 35m and 40m gym-specific ropes in addition to 60m and 70m options. None of the 9.9 ropes are offered in FullDry, but serve as excellent workhorses for the gym or the crag on a sunny day.

Black Diamond’s new ropes rival top-shelf competitors with their stunning ease of handling when run through fingers or a belay device in addition to a starkly contrasted middle marker.

The rope collection is available for individual purchase on Black Diamond’s website, with ropes ranging in retail cost from $90-$260, depending on length and weather-core selection.

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