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BMW’s EnduroGuard adventure clothing is abrasion-resistant and weatherproof

How much do you value your skin? That’s the question you may ask yourself when you check out the new abrasion-resistant, wind and waterproof BMW EnduroGuard adventure wear.

You don’t have to ride a motorcycle to appreciate the all-weather protective qualities of EnduroGuard gear. If you do ride a bike, especially for touring, you have to have some type of wet weather suit. It could be a great advantage to wear a jacket and hat that can protect you from more than just rain and snow, reports

The EnduroGuard jacket and pants were designed to protect your skin from abrasions in addition to shielding you from the elements. The clothing is constructed of material from Schoeller Textil AG. Schoeller Textil develops special purpose fabric and textiles for work and sports. The EnduroGuard jacket and pants have a combination of abrasion-resistant dynatech and dynatech stretch material with a layer of ceraspace.

Ceraspace material has small ceramic particles in a polymer matrix. According to Schoeller, “The special ceramic particles are nearly as hard as diamonds and are firmly attached as a 3-dimensional coating to the textile. A textile with ceraspace performs significantly better than high-quality leather in terms of abrasion.”

In addition to its abrasion resistance, Schoeller also says ceraspace is wash-proof, so when you need to clean all the mud and crust out, your gear won’t diminish its protective qualities. BMW also sells EnduroGuard gloves made with ceraspace.

For even further protection, the EnduroGuard jacket and pants will accommodate BMW’s NP2 body armor for back, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.

If all this material sounds like it could get hot and steamy, EnduroGuard also has a “Climate Membrane,” designed by BMW. The clothing is supposed to be “very” breathable while not compromising its protective qualities.

All this protection comes at a cost. The EnduroGuard jacket retails for $949 and the pants are $649. No question that’s a lot of money, but the protective qualities could make a big difference in a crash or slide.

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