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Have wanderlust? Rent the Forest Cottage teardrop trailer and go exploring

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Tired of scrolling through stunning landscape photos, enviously gushing over the van life, and staring blankly at your SUV in the driveway? Maybe you’re not a fan of camping, but you still want to get out and explore the wilderness. Now there is a new way to get outside — Camp Weathered is renting out its Forest Cottage teardrop trailer — and all you need is a vehicle to tow it.

Aptly named, this teardrop trailer is the perfect escape from the urban bustle, offering a place to sleep, eat, and the opportunity to experience the outdoors. The best part? No setup is required. Just hitch the trailer to your car or truck (or even your motorcycle), pack your things, and hit the road. The Forest Cottage includes a six-feet-long, four-feet-wide sleeping area, big enough for you and your significant other, and if you have one, a small child.

In addition to the double bed, the trailer has a rear compartment that opens up to reveal an impressive galley, complete with an electric sink, two-burner camping stove, an electric teakettle, dishes, and cooking ware. Locking cabinets and drawers help you avoid clutter with plenty of storage space — and ensure things won’t get misplaced during travel. The trailer also comes equipped with plugs and a fan. In addition, the host stocks a picnic basket with wine, chocolate, and other goodies included with the rental, making for the perfect romantic getaway.

The Forest Cottage is one-of-a-kind — although stocked with everything you need for an adventure through the backcountry, it weighs just 800 pounds — which is light enough to be pulled by a motorcycle. The only requirement? You need a vehicle equipped with a hitch to tow it. Whether you plan on spending one night in the woods or traveling across the country, the Forest Cottage is designed to be your home away from home. Forget the hassle of finding flat ground, setting up a tent, and blowing up sleeping pads — you can park your teardrop trailer and climb into bed anywhere you are.

No smoking, pets, parties, or events in the trailer are allowed, and the host is available via Facetime to answer any questions you might have during your stay. You can rent Camp Weathered’s Forest Cottage trailer for $65 per night through its Airbnb webpage.

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