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This trail running pack will keep you hydrated and moving fast on the trail

Every trail runner needs a good backpack to accompany them on their workouts. That pack not only holds their all-important water supply, but other items such as energy bars, an extra layer of clothing, and a smartphone. A well-designed running pack features plenty of pockets to keep things organized, is easy to access on the go, and should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time too. But perhaps most importantly, the bag should stay firmly in place, even when the runner starts to pick up the pace. This something that the designers of the new Veloz hydration pack from Cotopaxi focused on heavily, coming up with a unique design that is unlike anything else currently on the market.

Launched last week on Kickstarter, the Veloz features a completely new harness system that has been built to lock the pack in place and keep it there. The innovative cross-body harness uses thin, laminated straps that connect at the center of the chest using a a hook and webbing closure that is lightweight, yet highly effective. The unisex system has been crafted so that it naturally distributes weight evenly, completely eliminating the need for a waist belt altogether. Cotopaxi claims that even though the pack hugs the body snugly, it still manages to  provide unrestricted movement as well. This makes it a good option not only for trail runners, but mountain bikers, hikers, and other outdoor athletes too.

Available in both 3 and 6-liter sizes, the Veloz hydration pack is made from a lightweight, abrasion resistant nylon shell that is durable enough to survive the rigors of the trail. In addition to its large, zippered main pocket, it also has an internal mesh pocket for keeping smaller items organized and easy to find. An external stuff pouch is the perfect place to store a rain jacket for easy access while on the go, while two zippered pockets on the harness itself are perfect for carrying gels or other energy snacks. Both versions of the Veloz also come equipped with a 2-liter hydration reservoir for carrying drinking water too.

Cotopaxi’s Kickstarter campaign has already been a successful one, raising well over $30,000 thus far. With that funding secured, the Veloz has already gone into production, and is expected to begin shipping in April — just in time for the spring trail running season. The 3-liter model will retail for $120, while the 6-liter version will cost $20 more. Both can be had at a 30% discounts if they are pre-ordered now however.

And for those who don’t need a full sized pack, Cotopaxi is also offering the Veloz waist belt, which is perfect for carrying small items on shorter runs. The belt will come with a 250 ml soft flask for staying hydrated, and will sell for $50 when released. It can be pre-ordered for just $35 now.

Find out more on the Veloz hydration pack Kickstarter page.

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