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Dahon celebrates its 35th anniversary with a new folding bike

When it comes to cycling, the convenience of a folding bike is unmatched. Don’t have a bicycle lock? Fold it up and take it along. Apartment too small? Fold it up and tuck it away.

Dahon has been perfecting the folding bicycle since 1982. In celebration of its 35th anniversary, the firm is launching its first Kickstarter with a new ultra-compact folding bicycle. This allows a deeper level of interconnectivity between manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and riders.

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The Curl is more than just a refinement of past designs. According to Dahon, “It represents an almost total overhaul that completely changes the riding experience for folding bicycles.”

The frame is a hydroformed, Dahon alloy frame with oversized rectangular tubing. It used a unique V-shaped coupling to turn the bike into a hard-tail. An extra-large head-tube and handle post combine with an inverted fork stem to create a strong and stiff bicycle. This is important for steady steering and efficient pedaling on a folding bike.

Unfolded, the Curl is approximately 57 inches long and up to 42 inches tall. All this folds into a tightly packed form of about 23 inches long and 21.5 inches tall. To achieve such a compact form factor, the Curl features removable, compact pedals and a flip-fold rear wheel. Other features include a three-speed internal hub gear, adjustable seats and handlebars, and a roller rack for easy wheeling while folded.

Founded by Dr. David Hon in 1982, Dahon has grown from its humble roots into the world’s largest manufacturer of folding bikes. Today it features the widest selection of folding styles and nearly all competitors have adopted some of Dahon’s 300-plus patents.

The Curl is just under $8,000 from reaching its pledge goal with more than 40 days left to go. Early backers may be able to get the Curl for as little as $1,242 while later backers will have to settle for $1,380. This is still $200 off the final retail prices after deliveries go out in July.

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