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Could rugged outdoor accessories from EcoSurvivor end the global water crisis?

Being well-equipped for your adventures in the great outdoors can now help you protect the great outdoors for others, too. Lighting and electronics company Jasco has announced the availability of its EcoSurvivor line, introduced in partnership with MMA fighter Justin Wren. All of EcoSurvivor’s products, designed to aid in all camping and outdoor excursions, promise to be rugged enough to survive any adventure. But it isn’t just the ruggedness of the new line that is noteworthy — 50 percent of net proceeds are set to benefit the Water4 charity, with hopes of ending the global water crisis.

Available as part of the EcoSurvivor family are LED lanterns, water-resistant battery packs, Bluetooth speakers, and other tech accessories that promise to be tough and long-lasting. And while those of us lucky enough to buy an EcoSurvivor product may simply need a portable power pack to charge the phone that will serve as a light source to find the nearest stream of water, others around the world don’t have the same resources available. Indeed, as Jasco notes, 80 percent of illnesses in developing countries are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. But thanks to this new partnership with Wren, Jasco hopes to help.

The proceeds donated to Water4 seek to empower individuals across the world to address their own water crises by way of entrepreneurship, education, and technology.

In this way, Jasco hopes to equip folks throughout developing nations with the tools they need to access clean water.

“The statistics around the global water crisis are alarming, claiming the lives of over 2,000 children under the age of 5 every day. That’s one life nearly every 20 seconds due to waterborne illness,” Jasco CEO Cameron Trice said. “By combining our product and LED lighting expertise with the support from Justin Wren and partnership with Water4, we’re dedicated to ending the water crisis in our lifetime and believe our EcoSurvivor brand can help make a crisis become history.”

So if you’re looking for some outdoor gear in the New Year, the EcoSurvivor line may be able to help you on your next adventure, and others around the world in their journeys as well.

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