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Air-33 is a zippy, foldable ebike that weighs just 33 pounds

There’s a lot to like about the Air-33 ebike. Not only does it look like a stylish ride for city trips, it’s also impressively light and folds into a compact package for easy transportation.

It’s brimming with features, too, including an LCD computer dashboard offering data on speed, battery level, and distance traveled; a lockable and removable battery that can charge to full power within three hours; and a 350-watt motor offering two riding modes – hybrid pedal assist and completely electric. If you fancy putting in some effort, pure pedal power can be managed using the bike’s seven gears.

At just 33 pounds, the Air-33 is lighter than most ebikes on the market, making it less of a challenge to carry. But if you don’t fancy lugging it around, in its folded state you can easily push it along on one wheel, using the seat as a handle.

The Air-33, designed by San Diego-based ElectroBike, has a range of 25 miles, which increases to 35 miles in hybrid pedal assist mode.

Currently pulling in pledges on Kickstarter, the team is just $5,000 short of its $75,000 funding goal at the time of writing, with 16 days left to hit its target. There are still a few Air-33 ebikes available for a super early bird pledge of $799, a significant saving on its expected retail price of $2,299. If the super early bird option closes, ElectroBike currently has plenty more available for $899.

It ships to anywhere in the world, with an estimated delivery date of February, 2017.

Founded by Eduardo Cymerman in 2012, and with eight other ebikes already on the market, ElectroBike was created “to solve some of modern urban living’s most pressing problems with commuters, such as time wasted in traffic congestion, exorbitant fees for parking cars in dense metropolitan areas, skyrocketing gas prices, and the damage that fossil fuels cause our planet.”

And Eduardo’s enthusiasm for the technology is clear. “I simply love electric bikes,” he told Digital Trends. “They’re the most eco-friendly, efficient, economic, and healthy transportation option that we can use in our cities.”

The Air-33 looks like a worthy addition to its current range of offerings and if it delivers on all its promises could prove a hit with city commuters looking for a zippy ride in a convenient, portable package.

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