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New gear company Evergoods promises backpacks for every kind of adventure

There is no question that the outdoor industry is producing some of its highest-quality and most innovative products ever. The problem is, a lot of that gear still looks “outdoorsy,” making it stand out when used in everyday life. A new company called Evergoods is promising to change all that by developing a line of backpacks that combine the fit, function, and durability of an outdoor pack with the fashion sense of a commuter bag that can be used around town.

The first two products from Evergoods are a pair of backpacks — the Civic Panel Loader (CPL24) and the Mountain Panel Loader (MPL30). While they have their own unique look and functionality, they also share some of the same features. For instance, both bags are made from durable, weather-resistant nylon materials. And each features an integrated laptop sleeve, removable sternum straps, and grab handles on the top and sides. Both are hydration compatible — meaning it has a built-in sleeve for a bladder/reservoir that dispenses liquids — and offer access to the interior via both the top and side. A large front panel zips open to provide full access to the interior, making it a breeze to find any items contained within.

The CPL24 is the more city-oriented of the packs, providing 24 liters of capacity and a design that fits the needs of the daily commuter who also happens to go hiking and travels from time to time. The MPL30 has been built with a slightly more outdoor slant, and includes a few extra features, most notably a hip belt and 30 liters of storage space.

Both bags are the brainchild of Evergoods’ CEO Jack Barley and head designer Kevin Dee. The two men have more than 20 years of combined experience in the outdoor industry, with Barley cutting his teeth by designing backpacks for GoRuck and Dee working in product development for Patagonia. Now, they’ve come together to launch a new company dedicated to creating crossover gear that combines a high level of performance with good looks so that it can be used in every aspect of our lives.

Evergoods has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the two bags into production that has already surpassed its $45,000 goal. Both the CPL24 and MPL30 are expected to go into production later this year and sell for $285 and $325, respectively. Both can be had at substantial discounts for early-bird supporters who pre-rder now.

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