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The Flash is a smarter e-bike with a powerful motor and advanced security

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Electric bicycles are gaining popularity around the world, and as they do so they are becoming progressively smarter. The downsides to previous models included a lack of power and technological advances, but the Flash aims to change that by being one of the smartest high-end ebike models to date. 

The Flash represents an ebike revolution based on its more powerful motor, advanced safety features, and top-of-the-line security. The bike boasts a robust electric motor with a rechargeable battery offering up to 500 watts of power. This model can go up to 50 miles on a single charge — depending on the level of pedal assist, which you can adjust manually. There are five levels of control, and the full-throttle mode gives you extra speed when you require an added push, accelerating the bike up to 28 miles per hour. 

Sharing the road with vehicles is a top concern among ebike riders, but advanced safety features can alleviate your worry. This model was crafted with high-intensity LED lights, including an impressive headlight with a beam distance of 430 feet. An automatic brake light in the rear turns on as you come to a stop, offering constant communication with the flow of traffic around you. In addition, the Flash is equipped with 360-degree front and rear running lights, turn signals, and an 85-decibel electric horn for when you need to grab someone’s attention.

The Flash was designed with intelligence never before seen on a bike, featuring a high-resolution touchscreen that is connected to an application on your smartphone. The touchscreen allows you to turn the Flash on and also disarm it. The Flash application offers navigation features to help you reach your destination and provides you with real-time updates that show you the current battery level and alert you to any security breaches.

An outstanding security system is necessary for a bike of this caliber — and the Flash delivers. A movement-sensitive alarm system displays a warning message if the bike is knocked and sets of an 85-decibel alarm and flashing lights in the event of continued manipulation. Any alert is immediately sent to your smartphone via push notification so that you always maintain peace of mind. In the event of a theft, the Flash is equipped with GPS tracking. 

You can order a Flash for $1,700 on the company’s website and select between the colors charcoal, silver, or white.

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