This folding portable canoe can take two people just about anywhere on the water

Canoes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors alone or with a friend. The calm paddle they offer through the water grants new ways to explore. However, canoes can be hard to manage simply because of their size.

In order to bring canoes to people with limited space, MyCanoe developed a lightweight, foldable canoe that comes together like an origami. Within 10 minutes, the foldable case opens up into a 14.5-foot canoe with two seats.

A lot of thought was put into the design of the canoe and its carrying case. The case itself becomes the canoe’s floor, adding structural support and ensuring they won’t get lost throughout the day. Each MyCanoe is made entirely out of marine-grade custom polypropylene. With a 15-year UV treatment, the canoe will be able to withstand 20,000 folds. Even with daily canoe outings, the folded segments should last well over 20 years. In the off chance the canoe develops a hole, MyCanoe offers free repair kits.

Two people can easily enjoy MyCanoe before reaching the maximum load of 440 pounds. Even if someone manages to capsize the vessel, the canoe will still float. In an emergency situation, MyCanoe remains the safest place to be in the water.

At the end of the day, breaking down MyCanoe takes only five minutes. This 52-pound canoe folds up into a relatively small case on two feet tall and three feet wide. Such a small package ensures an easy fit in most small cars, under a bed, or inside a closet. Until you are ready for another adventure, MyCanoe stays out of your way.

Additional accessories are also available to customize the canoe to your needs. For example, anyone going fishing from their canoe might want stabilizers. These clip on the sides of the canoe for a much more steady ride. With stabilizers, the canoe’s maximum load increases from 440 to 750 pounds. An oarlock kit also transforms MyCanoe into an efficient rowboat.

MyCanoe is available through Kickstarter and surpassed its funding goal with plenty of time to spare. Early buyers can grab it for $840. Once those are unavailable, others can get it for $960. Paddles and an oarlock kit add $7o while a pair of stabilizers costs $230.