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Giga is the down jacket that comes stuffed with 16 useful features

The humble down jacket has been a staple in just about every outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe since it was first patented by Eddie Bauer (the man, not the apparel manufacturer) back in 1940. Since that time, we have seen the jacket continue to evolve, getting lighter, warmer, and more comfortable with time. Now, a company called MicroNovelity is looking to add even more innovation and functionality by introducing its multi-functional Giga Jacket.

At first glance, the Giga Jacket looks a lot like just about any other down jacket. But hidden inside its stylish exterior are features that will appeal to travelers, hikers, or just about anyone else who spends time outside. For example, the jacket not only comes with a clear pocket designed to hold a smartphone, but one specifically built to carry a tablet, too. There are also pockets for securely carrying a passport, boarding pass, and a pen, as well as a versatile multi-function pocket for keeping other important items close at hand.

Giga Jacket

Modular by design, the Giga Jacket also comes with a detachable hood, eye mask, and winter mask, allowing wearers to decide which of those features they want to take with them. It also comes with a built-in, concealed scarf, a loop for securing sunglasses, and a headphone loop that connects to the smartphone pocket. As if that wasn’t enough, the jacket will also convert to a pillow or a thermal bag as needed.

Insulated with duck down and wrapped in wind-resistant fabrics, the Giga Jacket is designed to keep the wearer warm in cold conditions. It even features thumb loops that extend the sleeves over the hand, providing extra warmth on cold days. The jacket doesn’t appear to use hydrophobic down, however, which has become the de-facto standard for most outdoor brands.

The Giga recently launched on Kickstarter with its designers hoping to raise $12,781 to make the jacket a reality. It only took a few days to surpass that number and now it should go into production in June and begin shipping to customers in September. The jacket is expected to have a price tag of $199, although early bird supporters can order one for a little as $119 if they pre-order now.

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