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Gizzo Grill is a portable backpack unit that can go with you on any adventure

Now that summer is here, we ought to be doing every possible outdoor activity we can, and of course that includes cooking. To help you make the most out of the sun and fun of the next few months is a new product from Latvian company Gizzo. It’s called the Gizzo Grill, and it’s being heralded as the first portable backpack grill, so no matter where you are and what you’re doing, you have the tools you need to put on a barbecue.

Bringing together two of summer’s most popular activities, the Gizzo Grill lets you take your love for grilling on a backpacking adventure. Meant for camping trips and other outdoor expeditions, the Gizzo Grill weighs in at only 8 pounds and stands about 2 feet tall when fully assembled. But don’t let its diminutive size fool you — it can cook up to eight burgers at once.

Branded as a “traveling companion,” the new gadget is billed by the Gizzo team as an “ergonomic solution” for travelers who don’t want to sacrifice good food for good fun. With your grill handy, you can prepare a whole host of different meals — use it to sear off meats and vegetables, or just turn it into a hot surface upon which you can cook eggs or even bake a pizza. The Gizzo Grill also comes with separate compartments for coal, food, and heat protective gloves, so you’ve basically got a mobile kitchen. 

“As big traveling, cooking, and gadget lovers, we were exhausted by how difficult the food-making process in nature was,” Davis Paipa, CEO of Gizzo, said. “We wanted to invent a product that would make travelers enjoy cooking outdoors and remind them of how much better it is to be outside than sitting indoors.

You’ll be able to pre-order a Gizzo Grill when it launches its Kickstarter campaign on June 13. 

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