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When cell signal disappears, Gotoky keeps your phone connected

Going off the grid shouldn’t mean going it alone. Thanks to the Gotoky, a secure off-grid communication device that allows smartphones to create their own networks where service is unavailable, adventurers can explore new horizons without being left high and dry from a technological standpoint. After just a day on Kickstarter, the Gotoky has already raised over $25,000, surpassing its original funding goal.

Created by Denis Loncar after a hiking accident left him stranded on a mountain without access to help, the Gotoky seeks to make service more available, reliable, and affordable to anyone, no matter where they may be.

“We really want to make this world more connected and safer, and the Gotoky offers any smartphone user an easy and affordable way to make sure they always have a signal, especially in case of an emergency,” noted Loncar in a statement. “My story had a happy ending, but only because I was rescued by some other hikers who happened into my area.”

Gotoky makes use of standard license-free radio frequencies, which means it doesn’t need any cellular infrastructure or satellites. The device securely sends messages over other Gotoky’s in the vicinity, and the range can be expanded beyond point-to-point, giving users the ability to effectively create their own networks. While the Gotoky can cover an average of 9.3 miles, the team claims that this radius can be extended to nearly 19 miles if there are more users in the area.

gotoky off grid communication device kickstarter

“Gotoky was created to give every smartphone user the ability to create their own mobile network coverage when they’re experiencing poor mobile network coverage in secluded and remote areas, to avoid the excessive cost of communications when traveling, and to have the ability to communicate in cases of manmade or natural disasters when communication is crucial but impossible to achieve,” Loncar said.

To use Gotoky, simply pair it with your smartphone and take advantage of your ability to talk, send texts, activate an “Emergency Location Beacon” in emergency situations, use GPS navigation, create events, and more.

You can pre-order the Gotoky for the early bird price of $66 from Kickstarter. Devices are expected to start shipping in April 2018.

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