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Hammerhead challenges Garmin with lightning-fast Karoo cycling computer

Every seasoned cyclist knows the value of a good cycling computer. The ability to navigate different routes, track your speed, evaluate your training, and create training plans is essential to fitness development. While Garmin and Wahoo have traditionally dominated these ranks, Hammerhead’s introduction of Karoo adds a new layer of functionality to cycling computers.

The Karoo is a new generation of cycling computer — integrating characteristics of both cell phones and traditional computers. The operating system was built on Android and loaded with world-class applications. The designers are constantly updating the database and adding new features — ensuring you will never lack for functionality. The device allows you to connect to multiple Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors simultaneously. Its standout feature? No phone is required — Karoo includes onboard 3G cellular and Wi-Fi capability, allowing for streaming, sharing with friends, and other real-time tools.

Karoo’s offers a plethora of fully comprehensive maps, including multiple layers and filters for dirt, road, gradient, and more. You can create new routes directly on the computer and utilize turn-by-turn navigation even on mountain biking trails. Build routes or make changes while you’re offline, on the road, or on the trail. Unmapped routes can be followed by GPX files or while in Compass Mode.

The operating system provides for a high level of performance and training, equipped with tools that allow you to analyze metrics, understand your training efforts, and even utilize training insights. Karoo is capable of syncing up to power, heart rate, speed, and cadence sensors — and this is just the beginning. Its seamless integration with Strava and other apps allows for you to share your rides with friends, post your efforts, and find friends located nearby.

The computer features an easy-to-read transflective display, a light sensor that helps reduce battery consumption, and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 — so that you don’t need to worry about bumps in the road or obstacles in your way. The battery provides for 10-15 hours of run time depending on your settings and the device is rated to IP67 weatherproofing standards, ensuring that rain or snow won’t slow you down. In addition, the buttons are designed for wet weather, allowing for complete control in any conditions. The standard quarter-turn interface works with any Garmin-type mount and ships with a BarFly 4 Max.

Sign up on Hammerhead’s website to get access to Karoo at a special discounted price.

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