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Hitch your tent to the back of your car with the Hitch 'n Pitch

Hitch 'n Pitch
Who says that hitch on the back of your car is only good for towing trailers? It’s just as good at transporting your temporary home. Meet the Hitch ‘n Pitch, otherwise described as the hitch-mounted rack for your rooftop tent (RTT). Promising to combine “the best aspects of soft-side rooftop tents with the every day convenience of a hitch-mounted rack,” this hitch gives you an easy, transportable frame for your RTT, making it easier than ever to drive your tent around with you on your adventure.

While RTTs are, as the name suggests, meant for your roof, the problem is that … they’re on your roof. That means that it’s a bit inconvenient to get the structures down, get them set up, and in the end pack them up again and put them back on the roof when the sun rises. But with the Hitch ‘n Pitch, you can mount a soft-side RTT to the back of your car. When you’re driving, rather than placing it atop the vehicle, simply fold up your tent and have it sit like a hitch-mounted bike rack.

As initially reported by Gear Junkie, this concept makes camping a much more convenient process. After all, given that RTTs are generally more than 100 pounds, you’ll likely want to avoid hoisting it above your head as much as possible. Another added benefit of the Hitch ‘n Pitch comes with the legs. When you’re ready to set up camp for the night, just fold your tent down from its stored position, kick out the Hitch ‘n Pitch’s legs, and sleep a few inches off the ground.

And if you’re out in the middle of nowhere and unafraid of having your tent stolen from you, feel free to unhitch your RTT so that you can go off on an adventure. Simply leave the tent where it is, and rest assured that it’ll stay standing tall on its platform.

As it stands, it would appear that the Hitch n’ Pitch is nothing more than a concept. It’s not yet available for purchase, nor has pricing or availability information been made public. That said, the company has noted, “We expect that costs to initial buyers will be approximately the same as a quality rooftop tent,” which Gear Junkie points out could indicate a price of around $1,000.

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