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Julbo’s Vermont Classic mountaineering sunglasses make a comeback

The 10 Essentials of Hiking are a list of important items that you should never leave home without when setting out into the wilderness. The now-firmly established list first appeared in the fourth edition of Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills, which was published in 1974. That original 10 essentials included such things as a map, compass, and extra layers of clothing. But also earning a prominent spot on the list is sun protection, both in the form of sunscreen and sunglasses. That is because climbers and hikers have known for decades just how important it is to keep our eyes well protected while at altitude. As such, mountaineering sunglasses have been mandatory gear for a very long time.

One of the most popular models of eyewear ever designed, specifically with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, comes from a company called Julbo, whose Vermont (sometimes referred to as the Julbo “Round”) sunglasses were a staple amongst a whole generation of climbers and backpackers. Those glasses were often lauded for being comfortable and durable, while also providing plenty of eye protection at the same time. Last updated back in 2013 to celebrate the company’s 125th anniversary, the Vermont is making a comeback in 2017  in the form of the all-new Julbo Vermont Classic, which retains the famous look of its predecessors that helped make them popular with climbers for more than six decades.

First introduced back in the 1950s, the Vermont has been in and out of Julbo’s vault numerous times over the years. In 2017, these iconic outdoor shades are making yet another comeback, this time with some new color combinations to match its traditional design. In this latest iteration, Julbo is outfitting the Vermont Classic with traditional leather nose pieces and side shields, as well as a variety of different colored lenses. Those lenses are available in chrome, blue, white, and brass tints, and will consist of either Category 3 or 4 Spectron polycarbonate materials, which have been specifically designed for use in the outdoors. The Category 3 models are made for use during pretty much any outdoor activity, while the Category 4 version is meant for climbing in unusually bright places, such as when traveling across a glacier.

Julbo unveiled this latest edition of the Vermont Classic at Outdoor Retailer last week, much to the surprise and delight of old school mountaineers and fashion conscious outdoor enthusiasts alike. The new version of the Vermont immediately went on sale on the company’s website for $150, bringing a look that is a deft blend of both retro-cool and modern sensibilities. One look at these and it is clear why sunglasses remain an important part of the 10 essentials list.

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