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This women’s backpack has hip belts that self adjust with every step

Kelty Reva 45 / 60
Kelty’s new auto-adjusting Reva women’s backpack is meant to fit to your body as you travel — saving your back in the process. 

Always the innovator, Kelty took the importance of a proper fit to a whole new level. The Reva backpack is designed to look sleek, be comfortable, and offer separate storage compartments for everything you need on your travels.

The Reva is engineered with the trademark Perfect Fit adjustable suspension system as well as Kinesis parallel pivot hip belts, which actually rotate side to side, adjusting in accordance to shifts in body weight. The lumbar support can be individually tailored, making for a backpack that molds and fits to your body as you travel down the trail.

In addition to its superior fit, the Reva is designed for easy access to different portions of the pack — eliminating the need for unpacking and repacking every time you need to get to something. The top loading entrance offers access to the main area of the pack from above, while a trapdoor at the bottom allows you to remove your sleeping bag while keeping everything else in its place.

A top pocket makes for easy access to frequently needed objects, such as sunglasses, sunscreen, or a headlamp, while a front storage pocket provides ample space and organizers for trail maps, snacks, and other essentials. In addition, a slot created with between the front and main compartments makes for the ideal place to shove an extra clothing layer.

Two sets of suspension straps are attached at the top and bottom for balancing heavy loads and unique side handles allow for sideways transportation. The pack includes angled side water bottle pockets, a conveniently accessible hydration pouch, and hip belt pockets for small items.

This product is available in both 45-liter and 60-liter  sizes and weighs about four pounds when empty. The women’s Reva 60 retails for $220 on the company’s website.

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