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Hammock campers now have a sleeping pad made just for them

One of the fastest growing trends in backpacking over the past couple of years is the use of hammocks — rather than a tent — for camping in the backcountry. Proponents of this approach say that not only does a good hammock provide a much more comfortable night’s sleep, they are also lighter and easier to set up.

Simply find a few trees, strap the hammock in place, toss in your sleeping bag, and voila, you’re all set for the night. But, as any backpacker will tell you, resting comfortably out on the trail requires a good sleeping pad, too, and a company called Klymit has one called the Hammock V that was built specifically to meet the needs of hammock campers.

Designed to be compact enough to carry with you anywhere, most sleeping pads can be compressed down to about the size of a water bottle. But, when you reach your campsite at the end of the day, the pad is inflated to full size and placed on the floor of your tent, where it not only serves as an air mattress of sorts, but also provides a layer or protection from the damp, cold ground. In the case of a hammock, the sleeping pad serves much the same purpose, offering extra comfort and warmth overnight.

Klymit has been making some of the best lightweight sleeping pads for backpacker and campers for a number of years now, and when the company identified the trend towards using hammocks it focused its considerable experience in that direction. The result was the Hammock V, a pad that has been built to provide comfort and support to backpackers who prefer sleeping suspended above the ground, no matter what the weather conditions.

The Hammock V features a number of excellent design elements that have been specifically integrated into the sleeping pad to make it a good choice for hammock camping. For instance, it inflates quickly and easily and fits snugly into nearly every brand of hammock currently in use. It also has a non-slip coating on the top and bottom that holds it firmly in place, and it weighs just 27 ounces, making it easy to take with you on all of your adventures.

But perhaps best of all, the designers at Klymit integrated special wings along its sides which fold up around your body you when you climb into place at night. Those wings serve as barriers against cold winds, keeping you much warmer as a result.

For those hardy souls who enjoy camping during the winter, Klymit has just announced a new version of the Hammock V that is insulated as well. This model weights a bit more (32 ounces), but it includes an extra layer of insulation that helps to trap warm air closer to your body, and keep cold air at bay. The result is a warmer night in the hammock, which translates to a good night’s sleep, even when the temperature plummets. This should make this edition of the sleeping pad a must-have for anyone who uses a hammock during the winter months.

The original Hammock V is available now for $140, while the insulated model is expected to ship in late January with a $170 price tag. If you’ve become a convert to the hammock camping lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to check out both of these products. They may make your camping experience an even better one, allowing you to sleep even more soundly than you are already.

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