Kovea’s electric induction camping stove lightens the camping load by ditching propane

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The best part of cooking in the woods with a camp stove is arguably whipping up some delicious bacon and Dutch pancakes. The worst part? Dragging along throngs of cumbersome propane canisters. the outdoor gear company Kovea has come up with a solution to the problem: a portable electric induction cooker. Loads better for the environment and void of any hazardous fumes or landfill fodder, this innovative stove unfortunately only exists as an idea.

The stove — which just won a gold award at the iF Design Awards ceremony in Munich, Germany — uses lightweight materials and rechargeable electronic induction technology to cook camp meals fuel-free. In a Jury Statement at the award ceremony, judges explained the benefits of the new innovation.

“The rechargeable battery marks the end of gas canister waste. An ecologically responsible product and a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy nature for years to come,” the statement read.

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The idea is to eliminate any carbon monoxide fumes generated from traditional liquid or gas camp stoves. The first prototype of Kovea’s electric stove (KES) is able to heat water for up to one hour per charge. For now, that makes it best suited for car camping or short day hikes. However, the company said it hopes to make future versions run longer on a single charge. The units can be charged via a main electrical outlet, a car, or any portable charging device — and with wind-powered backcountry chargers, it makes them an option for base-camp cooking too.

The stoves have all the eco-benefits of alternative fuel stoves with fewer hassles. According to the company, the KES achieves the same degree of heat as a gas powered stove with half the energy. Additionally, it allows campers to cook in enclosed spaces like tents without the risk of hazardous fumes and, as a bonus, the battery can be used to power a smartphone or other electronic devices.