Kwiggle is a foldable bike you can take anywhere

Daily commuter cycling is on the rise in many large urban areas as more people look for healthier and more economical alternatives to driving their cars. But, the problem with traditional commuter bikes is that they aren’t always easy to store securely, nor are they usually welcomed with open arms on a bus or subway train. This has given rise to a new category of bikes with foldable frames.

These models have all the advantages of a normal two-wheeler, with the added benefit of being easy both to transport and to stash away when not in use. The Kwiggle is one such foldable, and it also happens to have some added features that are all its own.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, the Kwiggle claims to be the most compact foldable bike in the world. Weighing in at 18.7 pounds, and measuring just 21.6 inches by 15.7 inches by 9.8 inches in its folded state, it is indeed a compact option for commuters. When not in use, it can be easily stored inside a duffle bag and carried around with you whereever you go.

The Kwiggle’s German designers claim it takes just 10 seconds to open or close the bike, which means you can be on the road in a flash, or ready to store it away just as quickly. This makes it ideal for use in urban environments, where riders might transition from public transportation, to the streets, to the office, and back again, in rapid succession.

Reportedly, the Kwiggle is also very quick and nimble when weaving in and out of traffic, which is an important characteristic to have in any commuter bike. The smaller wheels found on foldable bikes allow them to accelerate more rapidly than standard bikes, giving riders the ability to maneuver through crowded environments with surprising efficiency. This single-gear bike can also reach speeds in excess of 18 mph, although future models will add two- and six-gear options that should improve that number considerably.

Priced at 1,240 euros (roughly $1,325), the Kwiggle is more expensive than most other foldable bikes on the market. However, when folded down it is also 60 percent smaller than nearly any other model currently available, and it weighs less than most others, too.

The engineers behind the bike say that it was also built with the highest quality components available, with the parts chosen being both lightweight and durable.

Unfortunately, the Kwiggle’s Kickstarter campaign failed to reach its funding goal before its deadline expired, so it is unclear as to when we’ll actually be able to buy the bike. The original plan was to begin shipping the final product in spring 2017, but now that time frame is likely to be extended. The team behind the Kwiggle say that it still intends to bring it to market, although it will now take longer than originally planned.

Visit to keep abreast of Kwiggle news and developments. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.


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