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Nemo's Cloudview hammock has a cupholder for your favorite summertime beverage

Cloudview Hammock
If you love whiling away the hours in a hammock but dislike the feeling of being wrapped up in fabric to the point where you can’t see anything past your toes, Nemo’s new Cloudview hammock might be just for you.

Outdoor gear company Nemo, known for its tents and sleeping bags, has joined the hammock ranks with a truly unique product. The Cloudview was designed to allow users to lay flat, stretch out, and take in their surroundings — without the sensation of being swaddled. It might not be the lightest or strongest hammock on the market, but it could be the most comfortable and was created with socializing with friends in mind. 

Durable spreader bars and unique Layflat patterning provide full body support, similar to a beach chair. The hammock keeps you positioned in a somewhat upright position, with your head slightly raised and your back and legs at the same height. The spreader bars prevent the material from gathering up at either end and wrapping around your body. The space in between the bars and your legs also gives you a clearer view of your surroundings.

The Cloudview is crafted with trampoline material that is weatherproof, partially see-through breathable, and won’t stick uncomfortably to your skin. It’s also the first hammock to incorporate a cupholder — perfect for holding that beer or other summertime refreshment. An elastic cord ensures a no-spill design and tightens around your cup, holding it snugly in place. There is an extra pocket located on the other side of the hammock designed to hold cell phones, keys, and other essentials. 

The suspension system includes one-inch webbing with a steel buckle that hitches around a tree. The design makes for easy set up and teardown and includes tree straps and a stuff sack. The entire package weighs about 5 pounds and boasts a load capacity of up to 400 pounds. The hammock collapses down into a carrying case that is easy to transport by hand or over your shoulder and can even be shoved into a backpack.

The Nemo Cloudview is ideal for lounging in the park, relaxing in the backyard, or car camping with friends. It is available for $170 on REI’s website.

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