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Mountain France's new Dynamic fork promises to elimnate downill brake dive

MOTION FRANCE Precursor's day - Sept 24th, 2016
Brake dive, the compression of the front fork when braking, is the bane of any mountain biker riding steep technical terrain. If you have too much brake dive, you can go careening over your handlebars when you brake on a steep hill. Many riders try to compensate for brake dive by locking out their fork so it doesn’t compress, or by adjusting its settings to get a firmer ride.

The problem with these adjustments is that they are geared for the steep terrain and work against you when you are riding a fast, rocky section of the trail. Making these adjustments also means you have to stop and make changes every time you encounter new terrain. If you are annoyed by brake dive and want it gone forever, then you should take a close look at the new Motion France Dynamic fork, which promises to eliminate brake dive and requires zero maintenance.

So how does Mountain France eliminate brake dive and keep 100 percent of the travel available for shock absorption? The team has developed a proprietary hydraulic damping control that uses braking energy to counteract the compression forces in the shock. This damping effect occurs automatically and instantly, regardless of the rider’s weight distribution and braking power.

The system also uses a pair of composite blades that are interchangeable in just a few seconds. Riders can choose the pair based on weight and riding style, allowing them to change their fork travel with minimal fuss. The fork looks as good as it works thanks to Mountain France’s decision to contract with an external design team that gave it a unique and highly recognizable look.

The Motion France Dynamic fork is available as a Kickstarter-funded project with prices starting at $1,400. The fork is available in a variety of sizes and configurations that are compatible with standard mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes and even tandem bikes. Rider can pick from six colors (green, blue, red, orange, purple, or yellow)  to match their team jerseys or bike frame.

Motion France has already completed an extensive prototyping and testing phase and is working with French manufacturing partners to ensure the timely delivery of the fork. If all goes as planned, the Motion France dynamic fork is expected land on doorsteps in July 2017.

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