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MSR now selling the new and improved Pocket Rocket 2 canister stove

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MSR is selling an updated version of its popular Pocket Rocket branded canister stove just in time for the 2017 hiking season. The latest model, the Pocket Rocket 2, replaces two cooking stoves in MSR’s backpacking stove lineup: The original Pocket Rocket and the MSR MicroRocket. Both the original canister stove and the MicroRocket will be phased out soon. We expect to see MSR and other retailers selling off the existing inventory of these older stoves at discounted prices to make room for the incoming new model.

The Pocket Rocket 2 takes the best features of the original stove and improves upon this robust design. The new PocketRocket 2 is more compact than previous models with a new style of the folding pot supports that pack down exceptionally small. It also is lighter than previous models, weighing a mere 2.6 ounces. When packed, the stove is small and light enough that it is hardly noticeable in your backpack.

Similar to the previous model, the new Pocket Rocket 2 has an impressive boil time with the ability to bring one-liter of liquid to a boil in only 3.5 minutes. This rapid boil feature offers a significant advantage over competing stoves that are slower to boil. The Pocket Rocket 2 not only cooks food more quickly, but the fast-cooking feature also means backpackers will use less fuel to cook their meals. The stove also ships with MSR’s WindClip windshield that allows the stove to burn more efficiently in windy conditions.

Another area of improvement is in the pot supports that provide stability for a cooking pot. Backpackers will appreciate these redesigned supports that accommodate a wider variety of backpacking pot sizes. Other features include an easy-to-turn control valve that lets you fine-tune the amount of heat needed to cook and a hardshell case to carry the stove safely in a backpack. MSR is now selling the Pocket Rocket 2 on its website and through major retailers such as REI Co-Op, BackCountry, and Amazon. The new Pocket Rocket 2 has an MSRP of $45.

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