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BioLite’s new CampStove 2 improves on the original in just about every way

When BioLite first introduced the CampStove in 2012, it was seen as an innovative product designed mainly for use by casual campers. The stove eschewed the use of traditional fuels, such as gas or propane, in favor of burning sticks, twigs, leaves, and other natural items that could be found in the outdoors. It also had the unique ability to convert the heat from its flame into thermal energy that was then stored in a battery pack and could be used to recharge mobile devices while in the backcountry.

Four years later, the company has taken everything it learned from its original model and incorporated it into the CampStove 2, which brings a number of upgrades to the campsite.

At first glance, the CampStove 2 looks an awful lot like its predecessor. It packs down to roughly the same size, features a similar design and it tips the scales at the same weight (2.2 pounds) as well. It is even fully compatible with BioLite’s existing KettlePot and Portable Grill, too. But, upon closer inspection, you will notice sturdy new legs that offer better stability on uneven ground and a new mesh design along the outside of the stove’s body. The internal chamber where the fire burns has also been modified to take full advantage of a new heat probe too.

But most of the improvements to the CampStove can be found under the hood. For instance, BioLite says that its latest model is more efficient, producing 50 percent more energy than the original version. That allows it to power up the stove’s removable 2600 mAh battery pack more quickly while also powering the onboard four-speed fan too. That fan that not only helps the stove to cook more efficiently but keeps the amount of smoke generated to a minimum as well. The CampStove 2 also comes with an LED dashboard that provides information on the amount of power that is available in the battery pack, the current speed setting for the fan, and the amount of heat being produced by the flame. The new stove even ships with one of BioLite’s handy FlexLight, a USB powered lamp that helps you cook after dark.

Introducing The New CampStove 2

The CampStove 2 began shipping on Wednesday, along with a new CoffeePress that works in conjunction with the KettlePot. The new stove sells $130 — the same price at the original. The CoffeePress will set you back $15.

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